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Poston & Associates, LLC was founded in 2002 by Steph Poston as a Native American woman-owned, full-service communications firm, specializing in communication services for Native American entities.

What makes us different?


  • Nationally recognized, comprehensive solutions that show tangible, measurable results, using first-hand knowledge of tribal protocol and etiquette.

  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis to identify clients’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • Independent, third party assessment and analysis.

  • Professional experience, tribal experience, credentials, and reputation.

Anderson School of Management 2018 Hall of Fame


[Soft piano music plays]


Stephine Poston: My name is Stephine Poston. I am from the Pueblo of Sandia. I graduated from the Anderson Schools of Management in 1990, and currently, I am the owner and president of Poston and Associates, a strategic and communications firm.


Anthony Trujillo: I’m Anthony Trujillo. I’m president and CEO of Holmans USA and also chairman and founder of Holmans Foundation for Autism. I graduated from UNM Anderson School in 1991.


Trujillo: I think the process of going through Anderson, it was tough and I think that gave me the discipline I needed for my professional career.


Poston: I think it set an amazing foundation of good fundamentals, and I was really confident when I left there that I had a really good grasp to take the next steps on my whole path throughout my career.


Trujillo: I think it’s important as we’re fortunate enough to be successful in our professional careers. It’s also equally important to give back to the community. So, I do a significant spend on a variety of charities.


Poston: As a New Mexican, and, even more so, as a woman from the Pueblo of Sandia, who is rich in culture and heritage, that means so much to me and my family. And, so it’s so essential that we continue to be a part of that, and help to strengthen our community through our culture and our heritage, and be a part of that. It is very important to raise my children there in our tribal community.


Trujillo: And, you know, family businesses are - they’re not easy. But, my dad and I always addressed each other professionally, even if we didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything. And my dad, he was tough on me growing up, but in a good way, and it gave me the skin for the business and to be successful. So, definitely one of the best gifts he gave me and I’m very thankful for that.


Poston: As a woman of color, as a Pueblo woman, as a single parent, I really had to overcome all the odds, all the statistics, all the notions that were incredible challenges. So, for me, my passion is to really support the underdog!


Trujillo: The Holmans Foundation for Autism, I established that- established that several years ago. That’s inspired by my daughter, Sophia. She’s severe on the spectrum, and she’s a little fighter, though, so she inspires me everyday


[Piano Music Plays]


Trujillo: I think, you know, part of being a successful leader and successful in business is the circle that you choose to have around you, and my advice there is to get people that you can trust and that’ll support you one-hundred percent, even when you make mistakes.


Poston: Commit to surrounding yourself with people who are rooting for your rise. That’s non-negotiable.


Poston: In all my travels, when I’m home in New Mexico, that’s the best feeling. And when I get to my own community, the Pueblo of Sandia, my heart is content.


[Piano Music Plays]


Trujillo: It’s a big deal, and I’m very honored to receive this award. There’s a lot of talented folks that graduate from Anderson, especially since 1991.


Poston: On one hand, I’m, like, super excited! But, on the other hand, I’m super humbled because of where I come from, and I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors, and I hope they’re happy too.

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